5 AI prompts to surface fresh insights from your databases

1. Generate a custom, auto-updating summary of page content.

Generate a custom.

Databases allow you to aggregate pages and categorize them using properties. As you gather more and more information, it’s helpful to get a
high-level summary of what pages contain, without having to open each item one by one.

By asking AI to generate a summary of the page content, you’ll get a quick a heads-up about what a page is about, the information it contains, and whether it’s complete or lacking

Selecting AI summary from the properties menu automatically summarizes all your database entries. However, if you want to be more specific about the style and length of your
summary, add an AI custom autofill property.

2. Automatically extract action items.


You can use a custom autofill property to scan your pages for potential action items. This surfaces things you or your team may need to do, prevents tasks from getting missed or forgotten, and saves you from trawling through lengthy documents to search for tasks manually.

3. Discover the key themes or insights of a page.


Quickly get the most important takeaway of any database page with a custom prompt to extract key themes and insights. You can ask Notion AI to assess
the overall theme, mood, or sentiment of a page.

4. Flag risks or blockers.