Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise

We’re launching ChatGPT Enterprise, which offers enterprise-grade security and privacy, unlimited higher-speed GPT-4 access, longer context windows for processing longer inputs, advanced data analysis
capabilities, customization options, and much more. We believe AI can assist and elevate every aspect of our working lives and make teams more creative and productive. Today marks another step towards an AI assistant for work
that helps with any task, is customized for your organization, and that protects your company data.

We’ve seen unprecedented demand for chatgpt inside organizations.


Since ChatGPT's launch just nine months ago, we’ve seen teams adopt it in over 80% of Fortune 500 companies.A[A]

The 80% statistic refers to the percentage of Fortune 500 companies with registered ChatGPT accounts, as determined by accounts associated with corporate email domains.

We've heard from business leaders that they’d like a simple and safe way of deploying it in their organization. Early users of ChatGPT Enterprise—industry leaders like Block, Canva, Carlyle,
The Estée Lauder Companies, PwC, and Zapier—are redefining how they operate and are using ChatGPT to craft clearer communications, accelerate coding tasks, rapidly explore answers to complex business questions,
assist with creative work, and much more.

Protect your data with enterprise-grade privacy, security, and deployment tools.


You own and control your business data in ChatGPT Enterprise. We do not train on your business data or conversations, and our models don’t learn from
your usage. ChatGPT Enterprise is also SOC 2 compliant and all conversations are encrypted in transit and at rest. Our new admin console lets you manage team members easily and offers domain verification, SSO, and usage insights,
allowing for large-scale deployment into enterprise. See our privacy page and our Trust Portal for more details on how we treat your data.

Get the most powerful version of chatgpt yet, with unlimited, fast gpt-4 and much more.


ChatGPT Enterprise removes all usage caps, and performs up to two times faster. We include 32k context in Enterprise, allowing users to process four times longer inputs or files. ChatGPT Enterprise also provides
unlimited access to advanced data analysis, previously known as Code Interpreter. This feature enables both technical and non-technical teams to analyze information in seconds, whether it's for financial researchers
crunching market data, marketers analyzing survey results, or data scientists debugging an ETL script. If you’re looking to tailor ChatGPT to your organization, you can use our new shared chat templates to collaborate
and build common workflows. If you need to extend OpenAI into a fully custom solution for your org, our pricing includes free credits to use our API as well.

Chatgpt enterprise is available today.


We're excited to offer ChatGPT Enterprise to more businesses starting today. For all enterprise customers, it offers:

Enterprise-grade security and privacy:

  • Customer prompts and company data are not used for training OpenAI models.
  • Data encryption at rest (AES 256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+)
  • Certified SOC 2 compliant

Features for large-scale deployments:

  • Admin console with bulk member management
  • SSO
  • Domain verification
  • Analytics dashboard for usage insights

The most powerful version of chatgpt yet:

  • Unlimited access to GPT-4 (no usage caps)
  • Higher-speed performance for GPT-4 (up to 2x faster)
  • Unlimited access to advanced data analysis (formerly known as Code Interpreter)
  • 32k token context windows for 4x longer inputs, files, or follow-ups
  • Shareable chat templates for your company to collaborate and build common workflows
  • Free credits to use our APIs if you need to extend OpenAI into a fully custom solution for your org We’ve got more features in the works, and we’ll launch them as soon as they’re ready:
  • Customization: Securely extend ChatGPT’s knowledge with your company data by connecting the applications you already use

  • Availability for all team sizes: a self-serve ChatGPT Business offering for smaller teams

  • Power tools: Even more powerful versions of Advanced Data Analysis and browsing that are optimized for work

  • Solutions for your function: more tools for specific roles, such as data analysts, marketers, customer support and more

We look forward to sharing an even more detailed roadmap with prospective customers and continuing to evolve ChatGPT Enterprise based on your feedback.

We’re onboarding as many enterprises as we can over the next few weeks. Learn more on our website and connect with our sales team to get started.